Three Times Lucky by Various Authors

Three Times Lucky

Reviewed by Chris Phillips

First this is a very interesting compilation of short stories and poetry to give the ménage-et-trois new definitions and new twists. The stories are Made for Two by Kim Carmichael, Darkest Dreams by Solera Winters, A Perfect Fit by Shascha Illyvich, Playtime by Dorothy F. Shaw, Ménage by Monday by Louisa Bacio. The poetry is Lucky Three and His Reward by Chelle.

Ranging from Science Fiction and Mythology to Paranormal and straight, hot Erotica, the stories are intense enough to maintain interest and more. It is recommended to leave enough time in the day to read through the whole compilation at one setting.

Each novella covers the concept of threesomes into practical and yet very erotic conclusions where three people find enough love and passion to want to remain together. As erotica it is accomplished in the delivery of exciting and titillating prose. From mild illusions through detailed, sexy scenes, the concept is delightfully delivered in truly amazing writing.

Short reviews of each story will follow, but the seamlessness of the compilation has to be mentioned and commended. Each tale fills a niche and gives a satisfying taste of what comes from good threesomes to the participants. To one such as this reviewer, from a polyamorous perspective, it is simply a delicious meal of several courses laid out for reading pleasure.

Made for Two presents a beautiful depiction of a three sided permanent relationship. While this is done by introducing another intelligent race of humanoids, it is so human as to be very exciting to this reviewer and the readers. The Dreams and visions fill in the gaps while the “real” time concerns come to an inevitable consummation of this pleasant ménage.

Darkest Dreams takes the reader into the mythological realms of Greece long ago. Deities of the Darkness find their needs and wants met when three of them finally let go of their preconceptions and find family in a union that is unconventional only in this society’s eyes.

A Perfect Fit brings new dimensions to the bringing the partner home to the family. Ivanka has good intentions, great ambition and the intellect to see it through. Her parents are very socially conscious and aware of how her odd “lifestyle” clashes with that. Ivanka is always breaking through a social barrier that her parents feel is totally necessary and bringing “shame” upon the family name. This only intensifies when she falls in love with Lila and Jesse. She must eventually confront the family, namely her Father, with this life choice and make a stand for what she knows is very good for her. The simple trysts add depth to the relationship between these 3 loving and gentle souls.

Playtime brings a new twist to the paranormal erotic novella. Vampires as strippers and taking that one “perfect” client too far give a new outlook to this tried and true reading pleasure. Playtime includes some BDSM which entices this reviewer to give it extra attention. The chapters-long scene central to the story gives insight to many of the pleasures and passions of BDSM play with a good power exchange dynamic thrown in for depth.

Ménage by Monday brings up several fantasies this reviewer has experienced as well as heard from many others about just such events. Old school friends find the way and the means to come together as a loving and sharing partnership through business and planning. How many have longed to find a situation where old friends become current lovers and long-term partners?

The two poetic endeavors give small, intriguing glimpses into some ménages that are simply delicate vignettes of the possibilities.

Overall a good collection of stories that work well together but also provide enough variety on the common theme to be individual as well. Well organized and each tale well written with great character development almost a necessity in this short of a format lead one to believe that more could be made for a second edition and possibly a third.

The editing and presentation enhance just as these processes should be complementary to the writing and reading result. Well-delivered the compilation comes across as a good representation of both the genres present and the writers themselves.

This series is highly recommended for the mature reader of any genre, but particularly those of erotic romance.

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