Stay Another Night by P.S. Meronek

Stay Another Night

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Perhaps one of the strangest books that I have ever read or at least in a long time. Coco Stevens, a young seventeen year old, gets busted while dancing in a strip club. Because of her age the club gets shut down but a side effect of the whole shutdown is that Coco gets to meet Sam Spielman, the owner of the club.

Not only does he own the club but he has many other businesses, some of which are legal but the majority are probably not. He is in fact a true Mafia boss.
However he is, although more than twice her age, struck with the beauty of this young girl and as they grow closer over time he is even more struck with her knowledge and charisma.

So much of the book reads very much like a fairy tale in the way that she is able to do and get just about everything she wants. Her new life all begins somewhat accidentally as she is photographed while she and Sam are off on a trip to Africa.

The photographer realizes what not only her beauty does for the camera but her actions catapult her even further into the minds of those who see the photos as they get published. Coco appears to be very much into whatever setting she is placed in for that particular shoot. These talents that she has almost instantly push her higher and higher into today’s world of instant media and glamour on all levels.

Underneath it all however she appears to have a very good heart and soul. And as the story moves along she shows much of those tendencies as she not only meets many new people but almost immediately captures their thoughts with her attentiveness and likeability.

There are problems however and they seem to be mainly because of some of the happenings in Sam’s life. Coco because of her inner self gets very entwined with some goings on in the Desert outside of Las Vegas. It happens mostly because of something she sees in Sam’s office but it eventually causes her to feel she has a mission to accomplish even though it is one that is about one hundred and eighty degrees from Sam’s mission.

How it all works out is a tribute to the thinking of and of the author’s ability to weave and reweave situations. The book has some flaws in that as the story moves it very often moves backward and even sideward often causing the reader to try and figure out where he is at the moment.

Although many of the subplots could very well have been written as a fairy tale since they are somewhat hard to believe, the book does hold your interest. And most of the way it moves quickly with little profanity or sex episodes. Overall Stay Another Night is a pretty decent read!

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