The Prince of Risk by Christopher Reich

The Prince of Risk

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Looks like I have found another author to read! However The Prince of Risk is his latest so I will have to wait or go back several years to read another of his older ones.

Reich builds suspense very well as he works Robert “Bobby” Astor through quite a journey that ends up involving not only the stock market and the government but quite a few investigative agencies.

A crackerjack beginning takes the reader right into the action as three of the top presidential advisors decide during a Sunday night meeting that what they have uncovered needs to get to the President immediately.

However after they get onto the White House grounds some sort of strange thing happens and their Security Service driven automobile begins to go haywire. The driver loses control and the car speeds up to a very high speed heading toward the White House. Presidential guards realize they have no alternative and they fire at the tires and either a bullet that missed its target or something else caused the car to explode.

As it turns out one of the three men, Edward Astor was not only the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange but also the father of Bobby Astor. Bobby gets the word of his father’s death from Supervisory Special Agent Alex Forza. She is also his divorced wife and the mother of their child. She and Bobby had a terrible falling out due to work habits. He basically worked some 18 or 20 hours every day and she was close to doing the same thing. Thus the divorce.

The younger Astor has built himself quite a career as a hedge fund manager. Basically a hedge fund is a method of gambling and Bobby Astor loved to gamble on the market with his and others money.

Based on some pretty good advice he had recently made a very sizeable bet that the Chinese yuan would weaken dramatically against the value of the U.S. dollar. He had many investors in this gamble and he had borrowed very heavily with his firm’s money on this venture. Depending on what happened he could end up broke or enormously rich on the outcome.

As it turns out Bobby’s recent good advice about his market purchase came from a man who was very involved in Chinese politics. As the story goes on deeper and deeper the reader finds that that man is involved much more than as an advisor. The story winds deeply into foreign intrigue and industrial espionage.

Another intriguing aspect of the whole book is all of the explanations of industrial espionage as well as how the Chinese operate. How they have been able to become a major operator in the world market when not many years ago their main claim to fame was their enormous population.

From start to finish a great read with few down spots. Just well-done overall!

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