The Memorist by M.J. Rose

The Memorist

Reviewed by Teri Davis

“People are part of one great cosmic awareness, her father had tried to explain in different ways over the years. And souls who’d bonded in several lives over time and grown together through the millennium were eventually able to communicate with each other without words through that awareness.- – But she never had truly believed it.”

A cosmic awareness that can connect the past to the present explaining people’s inner motivations and relationships which can explain and miraculously answer the questions of the past is a bit much for anyone to believe, but what a great story it combines into The Memorist.

Reincarnation, could it be true? Could people be in the cycle of being born and dying until for some reason, perhaps they have finally fulfilled their life’s destiny?

Add to that the unique musical tone from a particular flute playing a mystical musical pattern that can unlock those parts of your brain. This could open those hidden memories of previous lives by listening to the circle of fifths played on an old bone flute. Could music actually have this power?

For Meer Logan, she has had a difficult past. Throughout the years, there have been times where she has not been mentally stable, even non-responsive to the world. After her mother’s death, her father delved into his work leaving Meer to withdraw completely into herself. Through extensive thereapy, Meer has overcome her withdrawal. However, she still feels distant with her father. Being trained as a pianist, she still finds a closer music connection than human.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a brilliant pianist and composer. In this historical fictional novel, he is in possession of a special flute able to connect the thoughts of past lives to the present. As he nears death, he realizes that this flute should not be owned by those with unethical values. His plan is to hide it, possibly for eternity.

Is there some way that Meer could ever find it?

Award winning journalist, David Yalom watched as his family was murdered in a terrorist attack. How can anyone move past that? His plan is to destroy the world leaders meeting in Vienna during a concert. He has explored the massive tunnels and ruins under the buildings and streets of Vienna planning the perfect place for the explosives. In this act he would destroy the concert goers and himself while simultaneously sending his manifesto to worldwide news’ agencies.

Sebastian is a member of the symphony. His son has withdrawn into himself splintering his marriage. He will do anything to save his son. What price will he pay?

A security firm wants to prove their excellence by providing safety for the international leaders and for the concert goers. However, they overlooked the area under the concert hall. Will they find the bomb in time?

Reincarnation, personality withdrawal, Beethoven’s flute and the circle of fifths’ melody, terrorism and security all combine into a riveting story creating The Memorist. This non-stop page turner combines history into a breathless tale by a master storyteller, M. J. Rose.

The author, M. J. Rose has written numerous novels both fiction and non-fiction while being a founder and board member of International Thriller Writers as well as

The Memorist is an intriguing novel, fast-paced, and riveting making you wonder about what might be in your past.

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