The After House by Michael Phillip Cash

The After House

Reviewed by Book Bug

After divorcing her husband, Remy and her daughter move to an old cottage right near the water.

The house is a little big for just two people. The house is drafty and lets the chill inside.
On top of all that, The house has a ghost. A somewhat noisy one.

Remy’s mother introduces her to a new fellow. His name is Hugh. He seems to be just perfect for Remy. They connect like soul-mates from the start.

Remy begins to have bad luck again. Her yoga studio is targeted by vandals. She’s chased in her car which causes her to have an accident.

Then things finally turn around for the better. The ghost is still noisy, but not causing problems for her anymore. Things are looking promising for her and Hugh.

Then someone breaks in her house…Bad luck strikes again.

For me, this was somewhat of a surprise. I expected it to be eerie, but it wasn’t. It was kind of sweet.

It had a bit of mystery too. It is a ghost story, but a different one.

I liked the ending. =)

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