The Affair by Lee Child

The Affair

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Jack Reacher is now a vagabond civilian server to mankind in most of Lee Child’s books. However in The Affair he was still in the Army as a major in the Military Police working mostly as an undercover investigator of all types of crimes. At that time the crimes he was involved with some way or another involved military and especially Army personnel.

His methods and habits may have started there but they have continued throughout many of Child’s thrillers over the last several years. One thing about Reacher he is always on the move. Some other interesting things include the fact that he never has transportation of his own. It is either using his thumb on the highway or occasionally he does have enough money for bus transportation.

Oh, and by the way, he never has a suitcase or any additional clothes. All he carries with him is a little bit of cash and a lot of nerve.

His military career has somewhat been on the downslide as he has alienated some of the higher brass so most of his latest jobs are truly from the bottom of the barrel. And on this latest one he is called to Washington to get his assignment but it all has to be incognito as there are possibilities of some higher up military and government persons being involved.

He finds out that he is to head to Carter Crossing in Mississippi where there has been at least one possible murder and maybe more. It appears that Carter Crossing is the closest town to Kelham Army Base. The army uses this base for sending “quietly” a company of soldiers at a time to Kosovo. The reason it is being done quietly is because the U.S. is supposedly not involved in any way in the Kosovo situation.

After Reacher gets to Carter Crossing he finds not only one murder has occurred but it appears as many as three have happened over the past year and a half. However now not only is the base on lockdown but there appears to be a zone around the base that is being patrolled, again quietly, by someone who wants no one snooping around.

Once he gets digging into the problems he finds that the base commander has been relieved of his duty. However he is the son of a congressman and the army is walking quietly around the situation. The new temporary commander in fact is much like Reacher and is an investigator who is digging into the on base side of the picture while Reacher works the outside.

Also not to unusual in that Reacher becomes very friendly with the sheriff of Carter Crossing. The sheriff is a very pretty female and former Marine so they match up well together.

But there are many obstacles, fights, and other strange things that keep getting in the way of Reacher and the other investigators. Per the norm he has a few fights but continues to work toward the solution. He is just too hard to put down… much like any book that Child writes…way too interesting to put down!!

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