Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell

Flesh and Blood

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Dr. Kay Scarpetta, a forensic specialist, who seems to work her specialty for everyone from the FBI down to the local medical examiner in her hometown in Massachusetts, is about to head off that morning for a vacation in Florida. Somehow she and Benton Wesley, her husband who is an intelligence analyst for the FBI, both managed to get some time off at the same time.

Strangely enough she has also been receiving some strange vibes beginning with finding seven pennies on her backyard stonewall. All were dated 1981 and all were bright and shiny almost like new. The date is what somewhat rang a bell with Kay as it was almost like someone was dwelling on that year and flaunting it at her. It was the year that she basically took over the care of her niece, Lucy, whose mother wasn’t able to do the job.

Some other vibes included a strange email that she had received recently that included a somewhat scary poem. And there were also the weird things that had been occurring on her credit cards. All of these may not be connected nor mean anything but they just seem odd.

Then almost out of the blue and before they can head to the airport they get a call alerting them to two recent deaths in the immediate area. One of the deaths just occurred and like the first it appeared to be murder caused by a rifle shot from a long distance away.

Because of the way the shootings have happened and the strangeness of how the wounds appear Kay is called in to do her work and hopefully figure out some of the particulars. All has to happen before they can go on vacation because of needing to see the victim and crime scene while it is all still fresh.

Before they are able to finish their sleuthing however Patricia Cornwell has turned Flesh and Blood into quite a mystery. The most amazing thing about the story is how it goes back in time and then comes back to the present and then uh-oh before the reader finishes it, the story is looking to the future.

Part of what happens is constantly being kind of pushed back into the past because there are things that have happened to characters that wind and unwind without being completed. Some of these happenings occur in Kay’s personal life and some happen in the strange case that has suddenly taken over their time and in fact their lives!

Cornwell writes with very little profanity and even less sexual happenings so her stories are great to read. However she does sometimes get so involved with incidentals, backgrounds, description, and the thoughts of characters (mainly Kay’s) that it becomes pretty hard to follow.

But as a warning be ready to look to the future because though Flesh and Blood may be finished the storyline is an ongoing tale that will continue!

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