Christmas Stories from Georgia by Various Authors

Christmas Stories from Georgia

Reviewed by Allen Hott

This is quite a group of short stories, written by Southern writers, including Margaret Mitchell, Ferrol Sams, Joel Chandler Harris, and others. All of the stories in one way or another revolve around Christmas.

The one by Margaret Mitchell is actually a chapter from Gone With the Wind wherein Scarlett realizes just how much she really loved Ashley when he had come home on a short Christmas leave to be with his wife. Mitchell’s writing has always been a thing of beauty and interesting to read as she manages to get feelings across no matter what the story.

Another story tells of the nights before Christmas in a small drug store as one of the workers describes the various other workers’ methods of getting ready for the holiday while each doing less and less work but all enjoying the on-goings of their fellow employees.

Kenneth Robbins has a completely made up story involving General William T. Sherman (known in the story as Uncle Billy) and an escapade he gets involved in during his Christmas visit to Savannah. After having burned down Atlanta the townspeople in Savannah are not exactly looking forward to the General’s visit. Robbins uses feminine guile and a very good ploy to allow the locals to have their way in stopping the possible burning of their city.

Once a Thief, written by Janice Daugharty, describes how a family of thieves plans on getting their goodies for Christmas by robbing the local schoolhouse. One of the best characters in the entire book is featured here. He is named Count but has “pert near” always been known as “no-Count” because of his thieving ways.

One of the longest short stories was written by Joel Chandler Harris and is titled A Conscript’s Christmas. This is a great story telling of conscript in the southern army and his going AWOL so he doesn’t have to do battle in the Civil War. Exactly how Harris put this together with all types of plots and tie-ins makes for a great read. Amazing to think that this story is well over one hundred years old but still keeps the reader’s interest.

Christmas Gift is a slightly unusual story that tells of the closeness of families especially at Christmas. Two cousins who are extremely close always dream of Christmas and Santa but when they finally each get a gift that they really wanted the whole idea is spoiled at least temporarily!

A truly great collection of short stories that are without a doubt definitely on time during this the Holiday season. Readers will enjoy them all and because of their brevity still have time for celebrating Christmas themselves!

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