Wake Up – God’s Talking to You by Manny Dean Fernandez

Wake Up - God's Talking to You

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Everybody dreams, but most people forget their dreams soon after they wake up, not realizing that some of their dreams might be a direct means God is using to communicate to them. Author Manny Dean Fernandez has written Wake Up – God’s Talking to You, an inspiring guide designed to help people remember their dreams and interpret them, to discover what God might be trying to tell them.

Wake Up – God’s Talking to You is not a regular sort of dream interpretation book in which dreams can potentially mean any number of fanciful things; rather, it is a look at the importance of dreams in an entirely different light. Dreams can be viewed as one of the many ways God attempts to convey meaning to the lives of His creation, as Fernandez does in his enlightening book.

Separated into entertaining and instructive chapters, with subjects ranging from one called “Remembering Your Dreams,” to one called “How to Interpret Your Dreams,” and another called “Ask, See, and Find,” this book will be a useful and important aid to finding out the significance dreams can have in each of our lives.

Manny Dean Fernandez has had a lot of diverse experiences in his life, and he relates them in Wake Up – God’s Talking to You. He was not always a person who lived the straight and narrow, and placed God first in his life. He relates a past in which he drank and knew friends that took drugs, among other activities. Manny even writes about his being caught “drinking in a country western bar” costing him “three students in my Sunday school class.”

But, he recounts how he turned his life around and the huge role his wife, Shar, played in that and many other aspects of his life. Fernandez is an accountant, but he and his wife also like to “flip” businesses and get them back to being profitable. He writes in the book that he has a “God-given talent to make a business succeed.”

That is all just to give readers an idea about the background of the author of Wake Up: God’s Talking to You. Fernandez packs his book full of information about dreams he has had, and his interpretations of them. He provides useful tips to enable readers of the book to start to recall more and more of their dreams, and to find the relevant and inspirational meaning in them and apply this knowledge to their own lives.

Fernandez writes that “the most important factor for interpreting your dream” is to try to figure out what they mean right then, “as soon as I wake up.” He states that he does not “wait until later in the day,” but goes with his “first impression” of the meaning of the dream as soon as he wakes up.

Why do we sometimes repeat the same dream a few nights in a row? According to Fernandez, we have recurring dreams because God is trying to tell us “Resolve this issue and/or discover this dream and then we’ll move on to the next..”

In Wake Up – God’s Talking to You, Manny Dean Fernandez stresses that people should not stop placing their primary emphasis, when it comes to religion, on things like Bible study, praying and attending church. They should think of learning how to interpret dreams and find out what God is telling us more as a supplemental way to gain knowledge about God and find inspiration in their lives. This is a great book for everyone who has ever wondered what their dreams truly mean, and who want to find out what, if anything, God is trying to tell us with the dreams we all have.

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