No Tomorrow by Tom Wood

No Tomorrow

Reviewed by Dianne Woodman

No Tomorrow is an intriguing, adrenaline packed, high-stakes conspiracy thriller that grabs readers from the very first page and never lets go.

Victor, a professional killer, is elusive and highly skilled at keeping himself alive, a valuable asset in his line of work. He has a team of mercenaries hot on his trail in Bonn, Germany, at the outset of the story. The next action-packed venture for Victor is set into motion after a meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, between Victor and a Russian gangster, Norimov, a traitorous former associate. Victor believes he is walking into a trap, but it turns out to be a plea for help. Norimov begs Victor to locate and protect his missing and estranged stepdaughter, Gisele, who resides in London. Norimov is terrified Gisele’s life is in imminent danger because of threats he has received from ruthless enemies. Money is no object when it comes to Gisele’s safety, but Victor refuses monetary compensation. Instead he agrees to take on the difficult and perilous task because of his personal feelings toward Gisele’s deceased mother.

Victor tracks down Gisele in London, and she forms an uneasy alliance with him. Mercenaries, the police, and MI5, a British military intelligence agency, are right on the tails of Victor and Gisele. The cat-and-mouse game becomes even more deadly after Victor figures out Gisele is the target of nameless assassins who are not affiliated with Norimov’s enemies. Time is running short for Victor to get to the bottom of why Gisele has been targeted and neutralize the threat. Victor is put in the position of making split second decisions at times so that he and Gisele can escape the clutches of their merciless pursuers. Victor is determined to keep Gisele alive and reunite her with Norimov and will not allow any obstacles to keep him from achieving his goal.

Tom Wood has written an excellent cliffhanger with hair-raising adventures that will keep readers on the edge of their seats wondering if Victor can fulfill the promise he made to Norimov. Unexpected twists and turns abound throughout the storyline. The fast pace never lets up, and the story is full of physical assaults, car chases, foot pursuits, fierce gun battles, ruthless killings, tense and explosive action scenes, espionage, and betrayals.

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