No Mallets Intended (A Vintage Kitchen Mystery) by Victoria Hamilton

No Mallets Intended

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

In this the fourth book in her Vintage Kitchen Series, author Victoria Hamilton has her protagonist, Jaymie Leighton designing the kitchen of the Queensville Historical Society’s home with a depression era motif. While working alone in the Dumpe Mansion one evening Jaymie is clunked on the head with one of the vintage meat mallets she had purchased to accessorize the kitchen. When she comes to, she looks around and realizes nothing has been taken and so she figures it was just a bum looking for a warm dry place to spend the night. However, as the numbers of odd happenings around the house continue to mount and the next historical society meeting ends with threats and allegations, people begin to realize there may be more than a bum or two involved in the break-ins. And then the historian contracted to write the booklet about the house is murdered on the house’s steps. Jaymie, can’t help herself and begins to nose around trying to find out who has a motive and to find answers for some of the odd happenings.

I have not read any of the previous books in this series. That will soon change. Jaymie Leighton is a delightful protagonist who has a fascinating job of designing vintage kitchens. Woven into the story without intruding on the plot are all sorts of historical tidbits about kitchens during the Depression. While it took a little effort on my part to sort out the supporting characters, it was easily done. I found the other members of the community likable and very realistic for small town America. Having a three legged dog serve as her side kick is fun too. Jaymie has a bit of a complicated love life which was resolved by the end of the book and hopefully things will go better for her in that department in the next book in the series.

If you love old things, cooking, protagonists with pets and solid mysteries without sex or violence “on stage,” then the Vintage Kitchen Mystery Series should be a good fit. Haven’t read the first three books? No worries, I haven’t either but had no problem picking up on the characters and I enjoyed No Mallets Intended just fine as an introduction to the series.

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