Hello Mr. Bones & Goodbye Mr. Rat by Patrick McCabe

Hello Mr. Bones & Goodbye Mr. Rat

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Acclaimed author Patrick McCabe gives readers the creeps in his recent horror fueled contribution, Hello Mr. Bones & Goodbye Mr. Rat. The book features two eerily disturbing novellas both of which have central characters that narrate their tales from beyond the grave.

In the first novella, Hello Mr. Bones, child abuser Balthazar Bowen aka Mr. Bones observes his victim/accuser Valentine Shannon waiting for the right time to reach out and assert his brand of dark vengeance. Bowen is a bitter and maniacal sort whose observations and rhetoric become creepier by the word. This tale becomes especially creepy when Mr. Bones sets his sights on Valentine’s disabled son.

In the second novella, Goodbye Mr. Rat, Features central character IRA Bomber, Gabriel King whose ashes have been interred in a copper urn. He watches over his girlfriend as she makes the sojourn to his ashes to his hometown in Ireland. Although Beni believes Gabriel to be some sort of hero, his colleagues believe differently, to them, he is nothing more than a rat who betrayed them. King’s narrative observations are often offhanded, cocky and darkly humorous.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Hello Mr. Bones & Goodbye Mr. Rat. The concept was fascinating, the horror genuine and when accompanied by the well honed characterizations it made this book quite an intriguing read. I especially recommend this book to adult readers looking for a chilling read for Halloween.

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