Concealed in Death by J.D. Robb

Concealed in Death

Reviewed by Allen Hott

As far as I can remember this is the first book that I have read by Robb and for sure it is the first I have read in her In Death series. This is really a great read!

Robb’s heroine, Eve Dallas is a Lieutenant in the NYC police department and is also happily married to Roarke, her millionaire husband. From what I can gather from this book they have both come from really terrible home situations and both ended up on the street for most of their young adult lives. I also assume this is the second (at least) marriage for them both.

Now however they live like the extremely rich in a mansion with a man servant (who also was in earlier books I figure). But regardless of this way of life they both work and are very successful in their careers. They also work together in many ways as there are times Eve needs some information or assistance in getting around in a hurry so they use one of Roarke’s planes.

Concealed in Death is a perfect example of their working together as it begins while Roarke is inspecting one of his latest purchases. It is a very well-worn building in Hell’s Kitchen that he has decided to completely renovate with hopes of turning it into a useful endeavor, perhaps a youth center of some type.

As Roarke and his superintendent are looking around the interior they notice some strange wall structures built in the middle of the room so Roarke is given a sledge hammer to take the first whack at bringing down the interior of the building.

Lo and behold the hole that he makes in the wall uncovers something that wasn’t listed in the property records! Inside the enclosure are two bodies, wrapped and sealed in thick plastic. Immediately he places a call to Eve to have her come and investigate.

The investigation finds a total of twelve bodies hidden in several wall structures that were definitely built after the building had been up for a number of years. The further they go in the investigation shows that all twelve are young females, somewhere between the ages of 10 and 18 as determined by the forensic staff on their examination of the skeletons. Also they appear to have all been placed in their tombs about the same time at least 14 or 15 years ago.

Eve begins to work the case and finds that in that time frame a youth halfway house/rehab center was in the building. Currently the couple, a brother and sister, who ran that center have a new location and work as the Higher Power Cleansing Center for Youths. So Eve goes to talk with the couple.

And that is the beginning to this easy/enjoyable read that brings in many different parts of our society. How young runaways live on the street, who helps them, who hurts them, and why. There is a bit more sex and profanity than I believe needs to be required but it is easily avoidable while the reader enjoys Robb’s work. Well Done!

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