When Shadows Fall by J.T. Ellison

When Shadows Fall

Reviewed by Allen Hott

A very well packed story with numerous characters and many subplots. Although it does become somewhat confusing with all the goings-on it is still an interesting read which holds your attention to the end. Do not expect much in the way of mystery though as it is not a mystery. Perhaps it could be classed as a suspense novel as it does contain never ending questions and maneuvers.

Dr. Samantha Owens is beginning to teach at a university after leaving her position as forensic pathologist at the Nashville Police Department. Several of her associates however are trying to induce her to join the FBI because of her many talents.
She is still suffering mental anguish however from a miscarriage and then a terrible flood that killed her husband and two children several years ago. She has just kind of settled into her life and is engaged to a former ranger type serviceman named Xander. (Do not let the strange names fool you as Ellison also names a gentleman in the book “June” and the main villainess “Curtis”.)

The story begins with Dr. Sam settling into her new position when she receives word that she has been named as Executor of a Will belonging to a man, Timothy Savage, whom she does not even know.

Before she can go much further she is called upon by a lawyer who claims to have known Savage and tells her that she must not only see to executing the will but she should do it post haste as there is trouble about to commence. However before she and Xander really get into checking it all out they are told that the lawyer who knew Savage has been murdered.

And that truly kicks off When Shadows Fall as more murders, kidnappings, unethical lawyers, illegal adoptions, and assorted other happenings begin. The story does not lack for subplots as there are many, many things going on with more and more characters being added all through those happenings. Also many of those characters have more than one name just to keep your mind fully engaged.

The main plot is all about a cult that kidnaps young girls and keeps some for use as sex objects to keep the cult alive and growing. But some of those that are kidnapped are eventually funneled into an illegal adoption system that has been put together and is being run by a legal firm made up of unethical lawyers.

Ellison keeps the story moving as she moves Dr. Sam and Xander into various precarious situations trying to find the leaders of the cult. They become deeply involved with several police organizations and even the FBI through Dr. Sam’s previous contacts.

Overall the book reads well and the reader wants to keep moving through all the entanglements to find out what is going to happen in the end. Very little sex and little profanity make it an excellent read for most readers. Somewhat long and very involved but still a good read overall. (Never did figure out the title however!)

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