Speak of Ashes by Christine McGovern

Speak of Ashes

Reviewed by Gina R. Metz

Gwen Hawthorne barely survived an attack by an Infernal who killed her friends. Infernals are immortal, supernaturally strong and feed on the energy of living souls. Gwen lives in Ash that is surrounded by a border that most believe keeps them safe from the Infernals. When Gwen was attacked most believed her story of a demon attack as a lie but the Church knows the truth that the border isn’t keeping the Infernals out. Infernals look just like any other human and only attract the Church’s attention when they get sloppy and start leaving bodies behind or people start going missing around them.

The Templars who work for the Church brought Gwen in after her attack. The Church provided free medical help and after Gwen regained her strength the Church trained Gwen to secretly assassinate demons found in Ash.

Gwen works for a messenger service to pay for her living expenses and hide her other job. But suddenly Gwen’s life is turned upside down when she’s given a package to deliver that someone doesn’t want delivered and results in her being attacked.

Speak of Ashes is an exciting action packed page turner. Now I must impatiently await book two in the series. Hoping it will be out soon.

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