Field of Prey by John Sandford

Field of Prey

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Lucas Davenport, one of the oldest ranking deputies in the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, is off of a truly wild and confusing case. The whole thing started when two young lovers were parked out in the boonies planning on a fun filled evening of what young lovers like to do. However before they got very far along in their festivities they noticed a horrendous smell in the area. They decided they could live with it for the short period and went on about their business.

However the next day the young man told one of the local cops and together they went back to the foul-smelling place. On arrival they discovered an old well that was partially covered by a cut piece of sod. When they removed the cover the smell was much worse and there were bare feet sticking up in the center of the well.

When the local police department’s crime scene division got involved they could see many more bodies down in the wheel along with skeletons and even loose skulls. They immediately got the state BCA involved. Due to other case involvements and vacations Lucas got the call.

That was the true beginning of another really great mystery/police work story by John Sandford. He can really write a story! It is done in much dialogue and just enough description to keep the reader involved knowingly about the area and situations making up the story. In this particular one he has a lot of different law enforcement personnel digging into the why and how a cistern/well in such a desolate out of the way are could suddenly become a dumping spot for victims.

They did quickly find out that it didn’t suddenly happen but appeared to be going on for over fifteen years. They also discover that the identifiable bodies/skeletons are young blond women who seem to have disappeared and no real fuss was made over any of them. Friends and even relatives of many of them after a period of time accepted the fact that the young lady whom they knew had left the area either for a job, school, or perhaps a male friend.

All of the folks from the small towns in the area of the cistern are astounded by the find and also perplexed as to who could have done such a thing as it appears that all was done by one person. Every law enforcement person is involved and Lucas gets very involved although he is not the top dog in the investigation.

However Cattrin Mattson becomes pretty much the leader as she lives locally and just to help matters she not only is a very intelligent officer but also a very nice looking one. She and Lucas continue working together trying to pull together all of the various clues. And then a very strange thing occurs!

But for the sake of the story and to give Sandford even more credit you will have to buy the book or go to your library or wherever to find out! But in advance you are forewarned that it is a tremendous ending and you will be huffing, puffing, and doing everything in your power to give assistance when it is needed! Except for a bit more sex and foul language than may be necessary Field of Prey is one great book! Read it!

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