When Dreams are Calling by Carol Vorvain

When Dreams are Calling

Reviewed by Teri Davis

“And this is a story about change: What it brings into our lives and what it takes out of it; a story about pain, disappointment, frustration, loss but also about courage, love, lust, faith and kindness, a story about dreams and our power to make them come true.

The story of a permanent traveler.”

When Dreams are Calling is the loosely based events of author, Carol Vorvain who recorded her dreams, wishes, desires, and travels into this book in the hopes of letting others learn of the life lessons which guided her.

Growing up in Romania, Dora learned numerous lessons while discovering that her day-to-day life wasn’t fulfilling her dreams. She made the choice to relocate to Canada, completely packing up her life in pursuit of a possible new career, a new life, and hopefully a new love. Quickly she learned that moving does not always solve all your problems and challenges, as this move became only the first, but not the last time of completely relocating in another country.

“Grandma told me loneliness is a demon that blinds your eyes, petrifies your hear and kills your spirit.” These wise words guide Dora as she searches for whatever she feels is missing in her life without really understanding what that is.

All of us have made numerous mistakes and some hasty choices throughout our pasts which have taught us some lessons about life while at the same time helping up to develop our own character and learning to define who we have become and why.

For Dora, her life appears to be exciting to outsiders. Sometimes it really is but at other times, she realizes that her current situation is not what she really wants. Added to that, she is uncertain of what she really wants.

What makes Dora different from most of us is that she doesn’t just dream of relocating, she actually completely moves to another country immersing herself in the country with her job or career as well as the people. During her travels though, she learns numerous lessons which are listed after each short adventure.

Some of these lessons involve love and attempting to find the balance between loneliness from the lack of love as compared to love that is suffocating overwhelming every breath. She always realizes and values the importance of books in her life as guides through her dreams and reality. Also well-stated are learning the differences between adapting and belonging.

Many of the lessons learned in this small novel are from the voice of knowledge and experience.

For example, “Nobody remembers your mistakes better than your child, followed closely by your spouse.” When reminded of my past errors, I usually turn my failures into a lesson for them to learn from my mistakes so that you can completely own your own mistakes.

What motivates someone to completely uproot themselves to another country?

Read When Dreams are Calling.

What is one book you can read that might help you learn from other’s mistakes so that you can completely make your own creative errors of life? Read When Dreams are Calling.

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