Whaley’s Big Adventure by Carole P. Roman

Whaley's Big Adventure

Reviewed by Lisa Brown Gilbert

An enchanting tale about a young whale off on an adventure, Whaley’s Big Adventure uses imagination and creativity to explain the varying whale population in the ocean to young readers. This is a charming and edifying tale written and illustrated by 5-year-old Alexander Luke. His grandmother, Carole P. Roman, who happens to be a children’s author herself presents the book. Alexander, following in his grandmother’s footsteps seems to have the same innate gift for presenting a tale that not only teaches young readers about whales but entertains as well.

The story of Whaley’s Big Adventure takes young readers on an exploration of the ocean and the varying types of whales that live in it. This is a wonderfully descriptive story enhanced by the child friendly illustrations. The story clearly details and explains in relatable terms, about each type of whale that he encounters creatively listing their appearance, habitat, and their instinctive abilities.

What is really amazing about this book is that a 5 year old wrote and illustrated the book, which I personally think makes a very interesting point in encouraging other young children to read and write. I like this book and recommend it for young readers ages 4-6.

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