Tiger Shrimp Tango by Tim Dorsey

Tiger Shrimp Tango

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That one word makes one think of all kinds of words: palm trees, sand, water, waves, fruity drinks, etc, etc but not scams. No way. The last think you want to think about or have happen to you in paradise are scams or being a victim. That’s exactly what is happening in the state of Florida or at least in this book.

In Tiger Shrimp Tango, Serge Storms is a vigilante. He just really doesn’t like bad people, like scam artists. Who can blame him, right?

Serge’s friend is Coleman, JUST Coleman….like Elvis is just Elvis or Madonna is just Madonna. Coleman is a man of many uses. He’s Serge’s sidekick/partner-in-goodness and all around clown assisting Serge in helping right the wrongs. Fighting the good fight. You see, what Serge does to these criminals isn’t really criminal at all. He does what the police can not. He tortures them into eventual death. Isn’t that GREAT? Redemption! The deaths are so creative and extremely unpredictable. You never know what Serge is thinking or how he’s going to pull it off.

Serge is awesome. Coleman is humorous. Trust me, You want Serge and Coleman on YOUR side.

This was a quite enjoyable read AFTER the first 100 pages. I had actually put it aside to read something else. I was losing interest. Then I picked it up again, just to read-it/get-it-over-with. What I found out was I was actually enjoying it. I love vigilante type movies. Now I can say I really liked this vigilante type book. After finishing, I felt like I said goodbye to a good friend. I hate when a good book ends. I’m interested in reading more about Serge Storms and JUST Coleman. =)

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