The Garden of Burning Sand by Corban Addison

The Garden of Burning Sand

Reviewed by Book Bug

It’s almost midnight in Lusaka, Africa. A young girl wanders off from absent babysitters.
She skitters to a dark and quiet alleyway. She is then kidnapped by an unknown assailant.
Taken to an unknown location where she is raped. She is dropped off in a dark and unfamiliar neighborhood where she is found and the proper authorities are alerted.

Kuyeya is examined by a doctor. She has been assaulted in the worst possible way. She also has down syndrome.

Then Zoe Fleming comes in…Zoe is an American lawyer that has made her home in Africa.

Zoe works with other lawyers and one special police officer, Joseph. Kuyeya is a sweet girl who pulls the heart strings of the people around her. Zoe and Joseph with the help of other lawyers help to piece the puzzle together. To give justice to Kuyeya and other girls like her.

Pieces of evidence are analyzed. Questions are asked. Items are stolen. People are violently attacked.

Secrets. Everyone has secrets. Zoe has her fair share. Joseph too. Even Kuyeya. Secrets always have a way of coming out somehow….

This was a great book. Mystery. Suspense. Romance.

Near the end, when the verdict was being announced….I was on pins and needles. Literally, reading it with bated breath.

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