Laughing in the Rain: Self-Care for the Storms of Life by Hillary Saffran

Laughing in the Rain

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Permeated with challenges life often presents those moments when the stress rains down on you, drenching you in anxiety, fears, and woes. Instead of drowning in your personal sorrows, why not be your own savior and at least have the necessary knowledge for weathering the stress deluge. One fantastic place to start with your self–help, stress-relieving journey is by reading Hillary Saffran’s Laughing in the Rain – Self Care for the Storms of Life. This book is a creative, relatable, fun filled read that sparks many laugh aloud moments, combined with sagacious advice, and reasonably viable stress relief tips.

I love this book; it is a well written, organized, and offers practical help. The read was engaging and comfortable. I like the grounded writing style used by the author that brings to mind listening to advice from a dear friend whose approach to life is whimsical but sensible. In addition, the humor of it gives you a place to take refuge from the stress and the included stress management exercises offer viable ways to combat the disquieting effects of life’s pressures. Author Hillary Saffran does a wonderful job of addressing all the possible hardships life can bring, from Parenting woes to Aging to Work to Economic stress to Driving stresses and much more. Each chapter contains amusing, relevant anecdotes and includes specific self-care tips that are stress management exercises. My personal favorite is the chapter on parenting stress, which is so true, so funny, and so helpful.

I thoroughly appreciate and recommend Laughing in the Rain and may refer to it repeatedly when the stress gets to be too much. For most readers this will be a worthwhile guidebook that offers great benefits especially if they follow the advice and exercises. However, if for some reason you cannot bear to do the simple exercises in the book then at least read the book and indulge in the laughter that is born from the wonderfully observant and humorous writing of author Hillary Saffran, after all laughter is the best medicine –right?

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