The Surgeon’s Son by Catherine Rose Putsche

The Surgeon's Son

Reviewed by Inishowen Cailín

‘Four teenage girls suddenly go missing without a trace in various locations based in the North and the East of England in a short period of several months apart.

One of these girls, Gracie Peterson, is found alive in a small wooden box on an abandoned industrial estate, with injuries that are so gruesome even the paramedics cringe in anticipation whilst trying to free her, after Gracie had spent eight horrific weeks in captivity.

Detective Inspector Marty Bride and his specialist team of detectives, forensic investigators and psychological profilers become chillingly aware that there is a brutal serial killer on the loose who enjoys leaving them various clues to his real identity.’

The Surgeon’s Son is a crime novel about a serial killer in England who targets teenage girls. The reader is brought on a roller coaster ride of horror, hope, sadness and joy as the ‘Surgeon’ unleashes his own brand of torture on his innocent young victims.

‘The Surgeon’s Son’ is different to many other novels in the genre as it is more character driven and less about the police investigation in general. In most of the crime books I’ve read the police procedure is the centre of the story and the victims are only a means to provide clues in propelling the investigation to its conclusion. In this novel the investigative team; although an integral part of the story, takes a back seat. The ‘surgeon’ himself is really the focus of the novel along with the victims. We are given a lot of information about the victims and what they are thinking and feeling, the families viewpoint of having a missing child and quite a detailed look behind the serial killer himself and his motivations. There is a big back story behind him and the reader is left in no doubt who the killer is from the beginning of the book. There are no twists and turns to keep you guessing but there are plenty of thrills and excitement in the anticipation itself of the killer finally being caught.

The Surgeon’s Son is a fast paced, exciting read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys crime fiction. It is set up for a sequel which will include the same investigative team.

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