The Partner by John Grisham

The Partner

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Once in a while it is good to go to an old book by one of your favorite authors. In this case The Partner really filled the bill. This is one of Grisham’s that I never read and I do not know why but I do know that I put off reading a really great story for too long. As usual with many of Grisham’s stories it is centered around the Mississippi Gulf Coast and especially the Biloxi area. And pretty much as Grisham’s style it is also about lawyers and the courts.

Danilo Silva was finally located in a small town in Brazil when the hunters made their catch. He had been living rather humbly in a small house and basically blending into the neighborhood. However his living conditions were about to change drastically when they, after watching him for quite a period to insure he was their man, finally grabbed him off the path during one of his daily runs.

Once he was in their possession the inquisition began. This Danilo Silva was in reality a lawyer from the United States by the name of Patrick Lanigan. Patrick was hiding in Brazil because four years earlier he had had faked his death (supposedly in a burning car crash) and taken off.

Patrick was very unhappy with life when he began his escape. He was not at all happy with his wife (nor was she with him) and he was also about to be dismissed from his junior partnership with a large law firm in Biloxi. He had done a fantastic job of putting together his departure and had even pulled off a tremendous feat of embezzlement from his old firm. He had worked out an arrangement whereby he had transferred ninety million dollars from the firm and had it transferred to a bank in the Caribbean where he quickly then moved it on to other safe havens all over the world with the help of a lady attorney. This lady attorney was in fact his lover and they had been together for the entire time he was in Brazil. She was a partner in the scheme of hiding the money so that even Patrick was not aware of all the locations.

The reason for that arrangement is that Patrick knew all along that between the FBI and the various insurance companies, banks, and law firms involved in his swindle he would become a hunted man. He also knew that eventually they would find him and through various means (torture of different types) he would be unable to keep any secrets from them. By his partner knowing the essentials and whereabouts of the millions he felt safe and secure.

Exactly how this whole story comes about is a true Grisham gem. He put together many characters, subplots, and courtroom procedures to really make a very interesting story. Grisham writes with dialogue when necessary, description of the surroundings when needed, and the inner workings of the minds of the most important characters. His stories are always easy and entertaining to read and have the twists and turns required to keep the reader thinking and involved.

And again as usual the ending is not what the reader has expected. It appears to be all along until right up to the end when it becomes apparent it isn’t what was thought! Great story and well done!

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