The Jaffa Resonance by Patrick Delaney

The Jaffa Resonance

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

When Jose Santiago is murdered while on an archaeological trip in the Yucatan, his sister Alexis seeks out his close friend Dr. Sean Casey to find out what happened. All they have to go on is a letter sent by Jose with a cryptic message and some coordinates. Jose was looking for the Volto Santo, said to contain the Holy Grail. Casey and Alexis must compete against others who also seek the relic, including those who would seek to use its alleged power for personal gain. Their search will take them across the globe and the fate of the world could rest on their shoulders.

The Jaffa Resonance by Patrick Delaney is a valiant try at an interesting archaeological mystery but it falls well short of that goal. A good archaeological mystery has to have a good flow and create a story where all the elements ultimately come together. This simply doesn’t happen in The Jaffa Resonance. The story fails to make clear how an ancient temple in South America is connected to an underwater site off the coast of Israel. Delaney also fails to offer any context for the so-called “Volto Santo” other than a brief flashback. I wish Delaney better luck with his future novels, because I can only fairly give this novel 2/5 stars.

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