After the Parch by Sheldon Greene

After the Parch

Reviewed by Diane Pollock

After the parch, the thirst. The hunger and thirst for righteousness fills this dystopian tale.

Bran leaves the small farming community that has hidden itself away from the world following a massive disaster that leaves California an independent nation. He must register a claim to his people’s land, or risk losing it to the huge corporation that controls most of the land and available resources. Bran has had an ideal and happy life in his isolated community, but is now forced to face the larger world and it’s problems.

He meets and helps to rescue a young girl from a courtesan school that raises beautiful children to sell to the highest bidder. Together they meet Nikanor, a traveling revolutionary who aids them in their quest. Bran longs for the simplicity of home and farm, but he cannot help but wish to help create change, having now seen some of the horrors of the wider world.

This book has many interesting themes that could be developed further. One can imagine a prequel to help better explain how the parch came to be. The Labor Contractor’s Association which kidnaps people for slave and sexual labors and also takes the sick and elderly and sells their organs then turns their remains into fertilizer calls out for a sequel with our hero coming back to crush them…..

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