Terminal Life: A Suited Hero Novel by Richard Torregrossa

Terminal Life

Reviewed by Julie Moderson

When Luke comes home from Afghanistan, his wife Chrissy has been murdered and his son Jack is missing. Luke has been a Special Forces officer; he has Post traumatic stress disorder. After a stint in a treatment program, he is pushed to the brink by Chrissy’s death and his young son’s disappearance and he ends up in a homeless shelter.

Luke is an angry man with revenge for Chrissy’s death filling his head and he wants answers now and no one is willing to give him that. His Uncle Paulie gives him a job in the same locksmith shop that his wife was gunned down in. He works with Laura and he is quickly falls for her. Luke is not sure who he can trust. Uncle Paulie is a thug and a mobster. Luke blames him for the breakup of his parents’ marriage with good reason and for the death of his wife and the disappearance of his son.

Luke thinks nothing of killing lots of people and the book is quite violent. I would have liked it much better without all the violence but some violence is appropriate for this story. Surprisingly it does work with all the violence and I did like this book.

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