Dark Tort: A Novel of Suspense (Goldy Culinary Mysteries) by Diane Mott Davidson

Dark Tort

Reviewed by Allen Hott

A very different (at least for me) mystery as it features almost as much about catering and cooking as it does mystery. Not really true though come to think of it as Dark Tort is really a good mystery as Goldy Schulz, a caterer married to a cop, tries to figure who killed Dusty Routt. One of the main reasons Goldy is so interested in finding out who the murderer is is because Goldy stumbled over Dusty’s dead body on her way into one of her catering sites.

Yep, that is exactly how this book starts. Needless to say Goldy is very upset and begins working on finding the killer immediately. But as in most mysteries it is not quite that easy. There are many suspects including former boyfriends, people who worked with Dusty at the law firm, and assorted others.

Goldy was a bit late to meet up with Dusty at the law firm on the night that she stumbled over Dusty’s body. Dusty had wanted to pick up on a few new recipes that Goldy had told her about and was to meet her at the office where Dusty worked. Goldy also had to be there that evening to begin preparing her catered breakfast for the lawyers and some clients. Needless to say everything kind of got put on hold with the discovery that Goldy made.

One of the first people whom Goldy told of the event was a recently discarded boyfriend of Dusty’s. Vic Zaruski worked very close by and came to Goldy’s aid as she ran across the road trying to to find a phone (the power in the law office was off and she had left her cell at home). Vic was immediately distraught and also seemed to rule himself out as the murderer in Goldy’s eyes.

At the next moment several cars bringing members of the law firm pulled up and jumped out with a lot of questions. It seems a woman who knew the owner had seen Goldy running from the office and called the owner as it seemed to be very suspicious to her.

From there the story gets more and more involved as the various lawyers and other workers are very upset and begin to try to figure out who killed Dusty and why. However most of them seem to have varying stories as to their own whereabouts before coming to the office so it just becomes more and more muddled.

As Goldy and her husband, the cop, work deeper and deeper into the murder more and more strange things begin to happen in the neighborhood. Other people die (or are killed?), valuable paintings are missing, and people from all over begin coming to town with even more thoughts and ideas. Dusty and others that Goldy knew were more involved with each other and in many different ways it seems.

Meanwhile all this time Goldy is not only working on solving the mystery but also working her catering business and the author is discretely passing on new recipes that Goldy and her assistants put together for various gatherings from christenings to funerals. Quite a book with a great story line that is filled with mystery and catering ideas! (Also a group of the recipes are printed at the end of the book by the way).

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