The Eternal Nazi by Nicholas Kulish & Souad Mekhennet

The Eternal Nazi

Reviewed by Diane Pollock

Are your teeth in good condition? Dental hygiene can extend your life, but proved deadly for victims of Dr. Heim, a Nazi headhunter at the Mauthausen Camp. Part of the fascination with this tale of the sadistic doctor who liked to sooth a “patient” and bring them to tears with his kind questioning just before inserting a lethal injection of gasoline into a heart, is the cognitive dissonance one feels when considering a man who was a star athlete, a good and caring family man who loved his children and who chose to go into the healing profession yet had such a brutal and appalling dark side.

This book concentrates on the escape from prosecution and the hunt for the elusive doctor who eventually died in Egypt. It shows how German attitudes changed over time, surprisingly in large part due to a miniseries Holocaust that was made in the US and quickly forgotten here, but made a lasting impact on a whole generation of Germans. Germany is to be commended for forthrightly facing the crimes against humanity that were committed during the Nazi era, most nations refuse to recognize any such atrocities or to prosecute them. But it was disturbing that it was so difficult to track down this criminal, and one of the main reasons for that is the law in Germany that shields family members from prosecution for aiding and abetting those wanted by the police.

Well written and provocative, even experts in this era of history will find much to ponder. The Eternal Nazi is highly recommended.

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