Nursing a Grudge (A Maternal Instincts Mystery) by Diana Orgain

Nursing a Grudge

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Most new mothers dream. Many dream of successfully balancing family, career and truly believe that they can handle it all.

Kate Connolly is not most mothers. She has dreams of running her own private investigating agency but first needs to learn the skills. Fortunately her mentor, Albert Galigani, a retired law-enforcement officer, conveniently is her mother’s boyfriend. Yes, life can become complicated quickly. Kate Connolly, private investigator, is her dream as soon as she learns the skills and can be licensed.

Kate is looking forward to reconnecting with her an old friend. Jill is a restaurant review critic who is quickly gaining notoriety in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is the perfect outing where Kate can bring her daughter Laurie with her. As Jill arrives dressed beautifully in boots with extremely high heels that Kate never could and would wear. Her outfit immediately makes Kate a little envious as she quickly realizes how a child can change a life.

Jill explains her latest challenge in being a critic. A new restaurant, Philosophie, is owned by the famous Brent Miles and Jill’s review did not recommend the place. The owner had called and threatened her to change the review, “make it sincere or else”.

Kate notices a man in a Smith and Wesson skull cap seems to be following Jill. Why?

As the women continue to chat, Jill receives a phone call stating that her boyfriend has fallen from Painted Rock and is currently at the hospital. He is an experienced hiker and should not have fallen. Jill quickly leaves to go to the hospital. Kate quickly pays the bill and also leaves for the hospital to pick up Danny, a two-year-old whose mother is in labor.

Guess who is also arriving at the hospital? There is the man in the skull cap.

Nursing a Grudge is a fun, cozy mystery with a protagonist who has to balance a family as well as a budding career while still concerned about loosing the weight from the pregnancy. Added to this Kate has agrees to help friends and family along the way.

Diana Orgain is the creator and author of Maternal Instincts Mystery Series with Bundle of Trouble, Motherhood is Murder, and Formula for Murder. She resides in San Francisco with three children and a husband.

Nursing a Grudge is the fourth novel in this series which is successful as either a standalone novel or as part of the series. These novels are quick, fun, cozy reads in a logically organized mystery. Each novel is a quick page turner with the intended audience of young mothers. These are fun, humorous novels that are great light reading.

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