A Bride for Noah by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith

A Bride for NoahReviewed by Jane Squires

The story begins Seattle and is an adventure in logging, love and more.

Evie feels she can leave Tennessee and start over. She travels with an employee who she has a partnership with to start a restaurant. Two other ladies are with them too. When she cannot get help from the loggers, it doesn’t stop her from getting ladies to help her clear off land for a restaurant. Love that part a lot.

Turns out land belonged to Noah so she forms a partnership with him too. Noah can hardly believe his Uncle brought women to the logging site. He is kept busy trying to keep the women out of the men’s way so they will work. But turns out he finally has to allow women near men to get the work done on time.

Just as Evie and Noah are about to start a relationship someone from her past shows up. It turns everything upside down. But love wins out eventually.

I love how the Indians and white men worked together because often the Indians are portrayed in a poor light. I have Indian blood and was taught to be proud of it.

Relationships have hard moments of truth sharing before marriage in many cases. Yet not all. Ethel and Cookee show how opposites can attract and find the strength in each other. I loved their lives.

You will warm to all the characters and feel like you are there watching it all. Noah had been stung by a woman partner in the past so found it hard to believe Evie when she shared the truth.

A beautiful story of the beginning of a town.

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