Heist and High by Anthony Curcio and Dane Batty

Heist and High Reviewed by Julie Moderson

This book is Anthony Curcio’s debut book and the first few pages bothered me so much that I could not continue to read it.

Anthony robbed an armored car, got away with it and then bragged about the crime. I was so repulsed by this book I put it down and read another one. When I sat down and tried for a second time to read this book, it turned out better than I thought.

Anthony is like so many other addicts and his life is one big fat lie. He lied so much he didn’t remember the truth. His story is a one of how many cons he ran and how he got away with them. Some of the things he did were quite clever.

He was the number one suspect right after the armored car robbery. He just had no clue and was so sure of himself that he thought he would never be caught because he was sure he was smarter than the police.

He lied to his wife Emily who was crushed by so many of the lies. Anthony finally told her the truth so they could start rebuilding their marriage.

Anthony goes to prison and gets some much needed help. He is diagnosed as bipolar but he really doesn’t get how wrong he is until he is put in solitary confinement for many weeks. He then realizes how Emily feels and how wrong he was to do all his scams

He writes a letter to the reader that he explains some people are trapped in their own prison by drugs.

I didn’t like this book because I didn’t care for a person who has gotten away with these awful things and only served 4 ½ years in prison.

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