Secretariat Reborn by Susan Klaus

Secretariat RebornReviewed by Julie Moderson

This was a fun book to read. It has everything you want in a novel and more and it is all in one wonderful quick read.

Christian Roberts started his life on a horse ranch and his parents divorced shortly after he turned 10. When Christian was 10 he hopped onto a thoroughbred that his father had just purchased and he almost injured the horse. Christian broke his arm. His dad, Hank was angry that the horse was almost injured and after he inspected the horse he turned to check on his son.

Christian always felt that if he hadn’t gone on the horse his parents would still be married. Over the years his mom remarried a great guy and Christian spent more time with his mom and stepdad. Hank found out he was dying from lung cancer. Hank wanted to make amends to his son so he willed him two young colts and he told Christian a secret about one of them.

Christian is such an honest guy and can’t talk his dilemmas over with anyone. He had no desire to become an owner but to honor his dad’s memory he tries to be a horse owner. Christian is too trusting in the tough business of horse racing. Christian is just too honest and he gets in way over his head.

What a clever storyline that makes you really wonder what goes on in the cutthroat business of horseracing.

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