Second Honeymoon by James Patterson and Howard Roughan (Audible)

Second Honeymoon Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

There might have been a few books where James Patterson did not write at the top of his game but that is rare. The reader will not be disappointed with Second Honeymoon.

There are two subplots going on at the same time and both will keep the reader right on the edge of the seat. Not only do we have a honeymoon serial killer but there is also a “John O’Hara” serial killer.

John O’Hara is an FBI agent who is on suspension. He is under psychological care due to the fact that a drunk driver killed his wife and will soon be released from jail. John has a difficult time dealing with his release. A rich man whose son and his bride were murdered while on their honeymoon contacts John O’Hara. John agrees to investigate and gets approval from the FBI.

Second Honeymoon is a fast paced psychological thriller with plenty of twists and turns. The characters are well developed and interesting. Sarah Brubaker, an FBI agent in charge of finding the John O’Hara serial killer, is a perfect match for Agent O’Hara both professionally and personally.

As usual, Patterson writes short chapters with a teaser at the end of each one that will make you want to go on to the next chapter no matter how late it is in the evening.

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