Final Resort (Love Inspired Suspense) by Dana Mentink

Final ResortReviewed by Jane Squires

Treasures of the heart, love, family, or worldly. Which will you chose? Hopefully the best treasure of all.

Ava returns to Whisper Mountain, a ski resort, to sell it. Her Uncle Paul tells her he can save it. But he is abducted, dies and a treasure hunt follows.

The plot thickens again and again as Luca tries to help Ava solve the mystery of her Uncle’s death. But Ava questions his motives over and over gain.

Danger lies ahead for Ava and Luca. So many times their lives hang in the balance. Ava would never believe it could be some of the people for she has known them for a long time.

Finally they think they have the treasure. Lives again at stake over 3 romance novels. Not the treasure. The treasure is found but Ava and Luca do not want it. They have found the real treasure money cannot buy.

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