The Ultimate Reality by Gian Kumar

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

What is the true nature of reality? How do our notions of self reality and spiritual reality influence our behavior and how we interact with others? In Gian Kumar’s third book, the intensely interesting and thought-provoking look at reality that he’s titled The Ultimate Reality, the author takes an in-depth exploration into what “experiential awareness” is, and into what the ultimate reality is for each of us.

Kumar’s previous two books showed that, in spite of material and digital comforts in the world today, we are still living a life made up of dualities, such as happiness/unhappiness, good/bad, God/devil, all of which exist side-by-side. Even when we follow the spiritual teachings of gurus or other sorts of “masters” at presenting life lessons or spiritual truths, we do not gain the solace we sorely desire. We still experience the feeling that there is something missing in our lives.

The mind, with its constant chatter and habit of delving into past experiences and anxieties about the future, does not allow us to live in the present moment and be aware in the ‘now’. By the time our mind can register it, there is already a new ‘now’ which has taken its place.

In The Ultimate Reality, Gian Kumar brings us to a realization about what the deeper existence is that we are searching for. Through experiential realization and higher consciousness, we can centralize both extremes, and ultimately realize a sense of oneness with the universe.

As the author states in his introduction: “This book and my previous books explore the story of life in all of its contemporary and scientific aspects, in respect to self-knowledge, consciousness and oneness, while supporting ancient philosophies and thereby answering any question one might have about existence.”

He also writes that “The purpose of this book is to make you aware of material realization through self-knowledge, self-realization through awareness and experiential realization through living in unity and oneness.”

Now, that might seem like a lot to expect from one book, but Gian Kumar delivers through 19 chapters and goes into many topics that will help lead readers to a state of experiential realization and a greater self-knowledge.

One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 18, which is titled “Self Knowledge.” In it, Kumar writes such intriguing words of wisdom as: “Always remember: the substance of any thought, from the past or present, is the sum total of your awareness, but awareness is independent of both. Like a gold ornament that is melted down or the wave on an ocean that can come and go, the gold and the ocean remain.”

Another quote that I really liked from this chapter is: “The idea of being spiritually awakened is a fallacy unless you live moment to moment, in such pure knowledge with the knowing presence of awareness of who you are.”

The Ultimate Reality by Gian Kumar is a fantastic book about coming to an experiential awareness and a greater sense of self-knowledge. It’s a book I’d highly recommend to anyone who is interested in exploring what it means to be spiritually awakened, to have a sense of self- knowledge, and to anyone who wants to gain a more complete knowledge of experiential realization. Check it out and add it to your personal libraries today!

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