Sofia’s Secret by Sharlene MacLaren

Sofia's SecretReviewed by Jane Squires

Sofia Rogers has endured much hardship in her life. She raises her younger brother and shies away from people in town. Due to what happened to her, she doesn’t trust men or others.
Her life is one of fear even after Dr. Eli Trent comes on the scene. Eli wants to protect her and her brother, Andy.

A series of events, near disasters, etc. and then the sheriff is killed. Sofia’s secret is then revealed and she is amazed at how the town people respond to her. They rally around and help her.
Dr. Eli Trent backs off to get to know Sofia better. She then thinks he has lost interest. Loved his romantic proposal.

A story of God’s grace, forgiveness and protection. God’s plan revealed to Eli. Uplifting and reward in one’s walk with God.

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