A Criminal Defense: A Harlan Donnally Novel by Steven Gore

A Criminal DefenseReviewed by Elizabeth Sheehan

We begin with the death of Mark Hamlin, an attorney, who is found hanging from the Fort Point lighthouse at the Golden Gate Bridge. Suicide? Not likely as he is known as being one of the most corrupt attorneys and has to many enemies to count.

Harlan Donnally, a former cop, is called early in the morning to be told he is being appointed “special monitor” in the case which means he’ll go to Hamlin’s office and investigate without jeoporardizing attorney-client privilege. He’ll be helped by homicide detective Ramon Navarro. At Hamlin’s office he meets Takiyah Jackson who was Hamlin’s assistant. She comes with her own ghosts and Donnally realizes how difficult Hamlin’s files will become. We then begin to learn how corrupt Hamlin’s associates really are.

If you are a lover of novels that are based on prosecuting and defense attornneys, this is the one for you.

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