The Outsider by Chris Culver

The Outsider Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Chris Culver delivers a fantastic novel in The Outsider. His characters come alive on the pages of the book as you live the story. Chris Culver is one of the best in the craft of storytelling.

Ash Rashid is a detective with the Indianapolis Police Department. He is alone except for his Gluck or at least that is the way he feels due to all the prejudice in the department. Some of his coworkers don’t understand his need to pray. Ash does take things into his hands too often. There is something going on and Ash wants to get to the bottom of things.

A young mother is run down a block from her home crossing the street. She is a friend of Ash’s wife, Hannah and her daughter is a playmate to Ash’s daughter so this is personal. Then a retired cop is found murdered, a young man kills a cop while hiding his daughter under her crib, and a fire at a nearby home where a grandmother dies and her grandson, an amateur filmmaker, is left without a guardian. What ties all of these together? Ash is sure to figure it out. His boss is mad at him because she thinks that he has gone over to the other side.

This is a book that keeps on going and really keeps you wanting more.

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