Poster Girl: Erotic Musings by
Joni McPherron

Poster Girl Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Poster Girl is a fun to read sexy book. CJ Jones is an ER doctor and she loves the fast pace of the ER. She lives alone and likes it that wayand feels she doesn’t need a man.

Dan Brown is Chief of Surgery and is so easy on the eyes that all the females want to be the next Mrs. Brown. Dan enjoys the attention but has no desire to marry.

Sounds like a typical romance novel but it is not. This story is very erotic at times but definitely worth the time to enjoy. It is written by Joni McPherron, an alias, only because she doesn’t want her kids to be embarrassed that she wrote a sexy, erotic book. She really hits the mark with this book so pick it up and read it.

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