Murder at the Blue Plate Café by Judy Alter

Murder at the Blue Plate Cafe Reviewed by Lisa K. Ross

Kate’s life has just been turned upside down. A call from her twin sister, Donna, has changed the world she once knew. Her beloved Gram is dead, found face down in a pot of mashed potatoes at the Blue Plate Café she owned. Kate cannot believe this as she just saw Gram a couple weeks before in her home town of Wheeler, Texas when she visited on a break from her fast paced life working for a large legal firm and living the high life in Dallas.

Kate immediately packs and leaves for Wheeler. She must make the funeral arrangements and reconcile in her mind that her Gram is truly gone. Once at home, she discovers Donna, her twin, is not really all that devastated by their Grandmother’s death but more concerned about when the will is to be read and when she can open her new bed and breakfast with her shady partner, Irv Litman, a high roller from Dallas.

As Kate starts to take over the running of the café, she learns her grandmother’s death did not happen as her sister told her but rather by a sudden, violent illness. Kate believes she may have been murdered. She searches for clues as she tries to start a new life, keep her grandmother’s legacy alive and discovers that the little town she grew up is not quite the innocent, laid backwater town she once believed it to be. As we meet the conniving mayor who had a bitter feud with Gram to the whimpering CPA who suddenly has all control of Gram’s financial affairs to the inner family struggles and puzzles of what should be versus what is, we see Kate life change and evolve at the same time.

This book was very interesting and fast paced. It made you think about one’s view of life and what is truly important. Also, when a primary figure in one’s life goes, what the ripple effects are, especially, when there is a mystery surrounding the sudden death of someone very important. I would highly recommend Ms. Alter’s book and enjoyed figuring out the mystery.

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