Birthdays for the Dead by Stuart MacBride

Birthdays for the Dead Reviewed by Elizabeth Sheehan

Ash Henderson is a Scottish constable with the Aberdeen police department. He’s known for his violent temper and owes a money lender a tidy sum.

Everyone on the force is working a horrible case in which young girls are being kidnapped shortly before their 13th birthday and then killed. The killer then sends the child’s parents a birthday card with the child’s photo in which they’re strapped to a chair after being tortured.

Ash’s own daughter is a victim. He’s hidden this from everyone except one person for fear of being taken off the case. As far as everyone is concerned she ran away. He does make headway in the case along with Dr. Alice McDonald, a forensic psychologist assigned him who is truly strange but helpful.

A story that keeps you reading until the last page.

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