Angel Baby by Richard Lange

Angel Baby Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Richard Lange does a phenomenal job telling a great story.

The story is about Luz who has been sold to El Principe, a key player in Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel.  Luz has been abused, tortured, drugged and raped by El Principe for 5 years. Luz has tried to escape before but was unsuccessful because she was on drugs. She is now clean and is going to make one last chance to escape because she is a mother and her baby is turning six this week. She is determined to be there for her birthday. If she is unsuccessful in her escape this time, she will be tortured and have a long painful death because no one makes El Principe look like a fool.

El Principe has no idea that Luz has a child because Luz has kept that information from him. If he knew he would use it to control her. Luz lives in a beautiful mansion in Tijuana but she only sees or talks to the staff as she is a prisoner. Luz has kept  her recovery from her drug addiction a secret from everyone and flushes the drugs she pretends to take and continues to act like a drug addict.  Luz has been planning her escape for months. She knows the combination to El Principe’s safe where there is cash and guns and she will do anything to be with her daughter.

This is a story about survival and the love between a mother and child. This also is about drugs, torture, murder and more violence; more than most books have but when talking about Mexican drug cartels that is to be expected. Who will El Principe send to get Luz and how will he control her? This is a very good read and I highly recommend it.    

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