Pansy at the Palace: A Beverly Hills Mystery by Cynthia Bardes

Pansy at the PalaceReviewed by Patricia Reid

The day that a little girl named Avery accompanied by her mother walks into the animal shelter in Los Angeles is a new beginning for the little poodle living at the shelter. Avery took one look and immediately decided to name the poodle Pansy and take Pansy home. Pansy is overjoyed. Pansy had watched other animals leave the shelter for new homes and now it is her turn.

Soon Pansy arrived at the Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills where Avery introduces Pansy to employees and hotel guests. Pansy loved Avery, her new life and all her new friends. Life is carefree and fun for Pansy.

When it is discovered that jewelry is discovered missing, everyone is upset. Hotel management is fearful that guests will leave if the thief is not discovered. Pansy proves to be a smart poodle and a good detective when she discovers the thief.

This book is ideal for all young children. The illustrations bring the story of Pansy to life. This book is wonderful addition to any child’s book collection.

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