Home Front by Kristin Hannah

homefrontReviewed by Jane Squires

This book will give you a greater understanding of our soldiers and how being a soldier affects everyone in the family.

When a husband or wife (in this story) goes off on deployment, there are struggles both at home and on the front. Life goes on at home but sometimes family feel abandoned and children do not understand.

Jolene in this story loved being a soldier but her husband did not support her career. So when she leaves, it is with words he doesn’t love her anymore. Her children did not understand how their Mom could leave them. She returns home broken and injured and cannot face her life as it is putting more stress on an already broken family.

No one is prepared for the changes in a soldier when they come back home. I know as I remember my brother returning from combat in Viet Nam. After reading this book, I see now what his wife went through and why their marriage fell apart; a marriage they should have waited to enter into. Also a friend at church is dealing with the nightmares from Iraq and not sleeping and people do not understand.

Michael, Jolene’s husband, finally realizes how much he misses and loves his wife in her absence but she never knows it until she isn’t ready to accept it. The struggles Jolene, Betsy, LuLu and Michael face are real not just fiction. This story will grip you.

A friend I gave a copy of this book to said not to give it to another person without including a box of Kleenex. Be prepared to value your freedom more and what these soldiers do to keep you free.

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