Nursing Jambalaya With Gumbo On The Side by Jacqueline Spencer, RN, Lynell Whittington-Brignac, RN, and Beverly S. Ward, RN.

Nursing Jambalaya With Gumbo On The SideReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Nursing, should you or should you not go into the nursing field? This book is written by three RN’s with over 60-years of experience in the medical field. It tells about their education, their beginnings entering nursing after their education of varying methods, their employment, and their experience with almost every type of patient, and their personal lives. My wife is a retired RN so I have been thorough most of the true things this book contains with a few variations because of age and time differences. It lays out in some detail what a person has to go through becoming and remaining a nurse. It also tells how much religion comes into their lives, talking to God when He is greatfully needed. You must have faith in dealing with patients because you will have so many types of people to treat and you will have just as many different people with good and/or bad attitudes. These might be against or for you or the doctor.

The three authors went to different schools and learned through different channels to reach their RN status. They were women of color and many times in life, personal and work, they felt discrimination as they felt like they were swept aside as though they weren’t there. But in general, their worth far outweighed their color and they DID gain respect. Nurses told of the people that helped them get where they wished to be in life regardless of their race. They learned their jobs well and were a huge asset wherever they worked. I can remember my wife telling me of the nurses of color that worked with her and how most of them could be depended upon as much or more then whites. As with all things in life, some people in our world are not color blind; they see black or yellow and immediately think that person in inferior. Not so, as you will learn in your own life and by the stories and lives of these three women. The authors go back in history and tell how black’s started in nursing and how they have been able to make much progress in their chosen field.

I have been hospitalized several times throughout my life. Sure a patient is eager to get the words they want to hear from their doctors but many times the nurses are the ones to explain in detail what is going on with the patient. When you go backwards in health, which is there for you at the very minute it occurs? Correct, the nurses. I have had so many nurses that have assisted me throughout my long life and it didn’t matter to me what color they were. With very few exceptions the care given me by all nurses was excellent. The whole problem is that the few times you get a “clunker” of a nurse, you keep that one in your mind but you soon pass that one, male or female, white or black, away from your mind and remember the good feelings you had with the exceptional nurses.

All in all, if you are considering a career in nursing, read this book. Each author lays out what to expect from beginning to end, from beginning learning to working in your chosen profession. You will have favorite parts of nursing that you will like more than others but you have to start somewhere so start where the opening is and grow from there.

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