Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery according to the Hathors
by Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

The wisdom and healing techniques of many ancient civilizations are as pertinent today as they ever were in the past. In the fascinating and informative Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery according to the Hathors, the fourth book in a series by Ricardo B. Serrano, he has gathered and compiled many healing techniques that can be put into practice by anyone. The practices, diet regimen, and philosophies detailed in the book can help improve one’s health, and are useful at managing the daily stress everyone experiences in their lives.

Who were/are the Hathors? There was a goddess of Egypt called Hathor, but the Hathors mentioned in the chapter “Who the Hathors are & Why They Have Come” are aliens from the Sirius galaxy: “We originally came from another universe by way of Sirius which is a portal to your Universe, and from Sirius we eventually proceeded to your solar system and the etheric realms of Venus.” Whether or not you might believe in the existence of aliens, or think that the Hathors were/are aliens, the information detailed in Serrano’s book can have definite benefits to your health and healing if they are put into practice.

What are the topics discussed within the book? Opening up the chakras, holographic sound healing, the Qigong and how it relates to the holographic sound healing, a chapter on the “Budwig Diet for Cancer and Chronic Diseases,” and one about the importance of flaxseed oil as the richest source of omega-3 EFA, among others.

I was unfamiliar with much of the topics and information described in the book before I read it, but I found it all very interesting and thought-provoking. One does not necessarily have to put into place every practice mentioned within the book to see an improvement in one’s health, but reading about each and its potential benefits was fascinating.

Before reading the book, I had not known that there was any other source of omega-3 fatty acids other than fish. I like eating fish, but for those who don’t, or vegans, flaxseed oil is a great alternative source of omega-3 EFA fatty acids. They are essential fatty acids “the body needs to live, yet cannot make.” These acids, according to the book, “may lower levels of total cholesterol,” “may lower arterial blood pressure,” and “are necessary to the development of the human brain during pregnancy and early childhood,” besides being vital in several other ways to our health.

There are terms in the book such as “auric field” “Ka” and “Sahhu” that many readers might not be familiar with, but there is a handy glossary for the scientific terms, and many of the other terms are defined within the body of the text. The stated goal of the book is “to build the Ka (Merkaba).” The Ka can be considered to be the soul, or “the essential fundamental body,” or “our pranic body.”

Also, another goal is “to attain a Sahhu or immortal golden lightbody.” Doing this, the book asserts, “is the ultimate goal of Toaist, Buddhist, Mayan, Shaivite, Egyptian internal alchemy practices, Qigong, Merkaba meditations, and the Hathor’s Holographic Sound Healing.” Though the title of the book mentions just the Hathors, it really combines elements of these other belief systems, as well.

Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery according to the Hathors by Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac., is an excellent addition to his series of books designed to enlighten people and improve their emotional and physical health. I have barely touched on the many topics detailed within the pages of this manual to well-being. It’s best to read and experience the book and then to try out the practices on your own. If you are interested in holistic healing practices, Oriental and world philosophies/religions, and ways to improve your health, in general, this is a book you’ll want to add to your reading lists.

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