The Exceptions by David Cristofano

The Exceptions Reviewed by Julie Moderson

This is the second novel by David Cristofano. The first ia titled The Girl She Used to Be. Exceptions, is in part, a continuance of the first novel. The first part of the book is a review of the The Girl She Used to Be but in much more detail. You get to know not only the characters but also their family and why they are the way they are. You understand the “family” part of the Italian Mafia family.

Jonathan was considered the family wimp because at age thirty he had not killed anyone yet. Jonathan is in love with the woman, Melody he is supposed to kill; he has known her for twenty years because he has followed her not to kill her but to protect her. Melody is in the Witness Protection Program and it keeps her moving but stops her from becoming any one at all. Melody has no attachments and is so lonely and Jonathan wants to fix it. Now Jonathan is in the Witness Protection Program and Melody has gotten out of it.

This is a very well written sequel to the first book; it has great characters and storyline. This is an author to watch. His writing is superb and the storyline is fantastic. David Cristofano has another winner of awards in The Exceptions.

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