Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark by Tilly Bagshawe

Sidney Sheldon's Reviewed by Julie Siemek

Sidney Sheldon wrote tales of intrigue and mystery. Ms. Bagshawe has the uncanny ability to enter his train of thought and finish his novels without stumbling.

Angel of the Dark” is a tale of obsession, murder and mystery. Angela Jakes was raped, beaten and tied to the murdered body of her elderly husband. LAPD Detective McGuire could never forget her face nor the nightmare she endured.

It’s now 10 years later and McGuire is living in France with his past behind him. That is until Matt Daley walks into his life with a story too unimaginable to believe. Three identical slayings around the world. Are they really connected?

This book moves along swiftly and is a page-turner at it’s best. I recommend it to anyone that loves to read.

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