No Crying for Elena: A Woman Raised in a Cult and Her Daughter Finally Find Salvation in Each Other by N. Meridian

No Crying for Elena Reviewed by Diane Pollock

Child of a Cult, Woman of the World.

The author relates the true story of her life as a young girl in a cult who was forced into the real world following a raid upon their compound. She carves out a life for herself as a teenager, but is sideswiped by a rape that led to her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Elena. She triumphs in the end as we leave her looking forward with hope.

The author has had an intriguing and difficult life, overcoming much adversity. I feel that the very writing of this book was quite cathartic and even necessary for her. The book teases us with flashes and glances at her life, leaving us longing for further detail. For example, we learn of her moving in with her Aunt Bee and living with her for many months before suddenly being told that Aunt Bee had an adult daughter who was bipolar and quite cruel to our heroine.

I found Ms. Meridian’s life tale to be compelling and feel that another book focused on the cult alone, (supplemented by historical research and the thoughts of other former cult members) would have bestselling potential.

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