Military Fly Moms by Linda Maloney

Military Fly Moms Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

This is an excellent book for anyone interested in aviation, especially women in military or civilian aviation. Many women share their experiences while participating in the military as they explain their own circumstances through life and juggling personal lives and flying lives. One might ask why would life be different for anyone in the military? All you have to do is read this book and discover the similarities that many women have with the various military branches and how many different problems can exist due to education, military branch selection, go for piloting or any one of many jobs that can keep you in the air or on the ground, family life, children and how to juggle their lives with work and husbands, or take time off. In many cases the military reserves became the answer.

As I read these individual stories I questioned in my mind why didn’t certain women do certain things in their military lives, and in the end they generally answered my question. Seeing the pictures of each woman within their stories gave me a general idea of their love of flying, their greater love of children and husbands, and their ultimate decisions in their lives. A picture can tell much just by those included in the picture and how they show their love in their faces and their hugs. Their valuable advice to others as to whether they should go ahead with a military life, if that is in their minds constantly when they think of their future life. I especially loved the section of the book that the author entitled “Aviatrix Mom Tales”. Some of the stories these women tell of experiences are top notch. Some are similar especially when they tell of the surprised faces when passengers or other military personal flying find out their pilot was a woman. They never considered a woman could be flying them and they “made it to their destination!” This section of the book I enjoyed so much that I wished it were longer. Another fact that made me chuckle was their description of the faces they got when they mentioned their breast pumps they carried to keep mothers milk for their young children.

Thanks you Linda Maloney for your service to our nation and for your terrific book. I highly recommend it for anyone in aviation, men or women. I think many in school should read it if they are even slightly considering a military aviation career.

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